Fauna Spotter Catcher Services

Clearing vegetation often poses a risk to native wildlife. Project proponents may seek fauna spotter catcher services to manage this risk and satisfy their permit requirements. Ecosure provides professional fauna spotter catchers, who lead this field in safety and quality standards.

Ecosure operates under a rehabilitation permit approved by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. Our fauna spotter catchers are trained snake handlers and have many years of experience working with wildlife. They are also trained and experienced working alongside heavy machinery on construction sites.

Ecosure can tailor its services to satisfy a wide range of projects from large, multi-million dollar construction projects to small infrastructure and development projects.

Here are just a few of the fauna spotter catcher services that Ecosure has to offer.

Here is just a sample of what we can do

  • Provision of fauna spotter catchers during vegetation clearing or dam dewatering, fully experienced, equipped and with:

- snake handling certification
- senior first aid
- GIQ Coal Surface induction
- construction white card
- networks of wildlife veterinarians and carers.

  • Pre-clearance surveys, including identification and inspection of animal breeding places such as nests and hollow trees.
  • Pre-clearance fauna density reduction trapping programs.
  • Habitat enhancement at relocation sites including adding nesting boxes and/or relocating preserved hollows.
  • Koala spotter services.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation plans, including for EVNT (threatened) species.
  • Species management programs and assistance gaining relevant environmental permits and approvals.
  • Technical advice including clearing plans and selection of suitable relocation/offset sites.
  • Tailored training courses to build our client’s internal capacity for fauna spotter catcher activities.
  • Research and post-clearance monitoring.
  • Reporting (including compulsory government reporting).